Atrial fibrillation (AFib) can sometimes be brought on by your environmental conditions, including the heat. The hot weather can not only intensify the symptoms you feel, such as the severity of your heart rate, but it can also increase the number of episodes you have. To balance your heart with the heat this summer, keep the following tips in mind.

Drink Water

Experts recommend a glass of water per hour to be safe. Your body needs to stay as hydrated as possible to fend off potential attacks, and everything from the sun to your heart medications can contribute to your body needing more water. Stay away from caffeine because this will only excite the heart, and forego alcohol because it can lower your blood pressure and potentially stress your heart.

Avoid Exercising in the Heat

This tip is a delicate one because exercising is exceptionally important if you have AFib. It can help you lose weight which may eliminate AFib altogether. However, extreme exercise in the equally extreme heat can be a major trigger for arrhythmia, and the exhaustion is ultimately not good for you. Instead, you may want to try mild exercise indoors to keep your heart healthy.

Change Your Diet

Eating lighter meals can help you keep the strain and pressure off your heart. You can also opt for colder meals and snacks, such as salads or fruits, because these meals give you extra hydration without warming your heart. This tip can also contribute to weight loss, which is a strong step toward a healthier heart.

Take a Friend

If you really want to be outside this summer, taking a friend with you can reduce your chances of an incident. A friend can not only call an emergency service if absolutely need be, but they may be able to help you manage the symptoms before it ever gets to that point. Check the heat index before you and your friend head outside, and consider scheduling a different activity if there’s an official warning.

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