In an interesting new development, AliveCor just released a new app for their smartphone-capable AliveCor Heart Monitor that is reported to help patients with atrial fibrillation detect and record their symptoms. Both the heart monitor and the new app are FDA-approved, and health experts are hopeful that this new technology can help doctors and patients track and treat atrial fibrillation.

What is the AliveCor Heart Monitor?

The AliveCor Heart Monitor is a small device that mounts on the back of a smartphone. By placing your fingertips on the device’s sensors, you can get a highly accurate electrocardiogram (ECG) reading right on your phone. With the ability to save and share your ECG readings, you and your doctor can keep a close watch on your heart’s health. The accompanying AliveCor app also lets you track your heart rate, medications, daily activities and symptoms.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor has been available for doctors to use since 2012. In 2013, the FDA approved this device for over-the-counter use by consumers.

The AliveCor AF Detector

The new AliveECG app is a revolutionary upgrade to the existing AliveCor technology. The AliveECG app works with the AliveCor Heart monitor, and it promises on-the-go detection of AFib symptoms. It uses a specially designed algorithm that can detect AFib on ECGs that are 30 seconds or longer. Like the rest of AliveCor’s products, this new software is FDA-approved, and experts are hopeful that it will be valuable to patients who are struggling to relieve their AFib symptoms.

AliveECG is already available on the App Store for iOS users. AliveCor expects to release the Android version of the app sometime in October/November of this year.

How Will AliveECG Help Doctors and Patients?

The theory behind putting real-time ECG capability in the hands of consumers is simple: AliveCor believes that the ability to track both lifestyle choices and the onset of symptoms will help heart rhythm consultants pinpoint the causes of an individual’s AFib attacks.

While some doctors have adopted this technology for use in their office, not all have. However, even if your doctor doesn’t use the AliveCor Heart Monitor, you’ll still be able to save records to share with him or her at your next appointment.

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