When it comes to having a healthier heart and preventing serious conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation, a great first step could be as simple as a walk. The American Heart Association is beginning a campaign to encourage people to start and join walking clubs in their communities. The health benefits of walking are well documented and the best part is that there are no expensive gym memberships to pay!

How Much Does Walking Really Matter?

Although walking doesn’t seem like a very difficult thing to do, it really does make a big difference in your overall health. Cardiologists at the Mayo Clinic even say that it helps prevent a large number of conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and even type 2 diabetes. Each of these conditions lead to even more issues, including Atrial Fibrillation and an increased risk of stroke. Scheduling even a short, brisk walk into your regular schedule could be the best decision you ever make.

Making physical activity a part of your normal life doesn’t have to be a complicated regimen. Something as simple as a regular brisk walk near your home or office could be a great place to start. The consistent increase in blood flow to your heart helps keep it healthy and active, while breathing in the fresh air helps strengthen your lungs.

Everything is Better with Friends

Not only is a brisk walk good for your heart, but it’s also a great excuse to spend time with friends. Form a walking group in your neighborhood or at your office and enjoy time well spent with people you enjoy. The accountability of other people helps you stay faithful to your walking commitments, and the conversations while you walk help the time to pass quicker.

As you’re walking, be sure to keep your head up and try not to look at the ground. Your arms should be swinging freely or even pumping a bit. Roll your feet from heel to toe and try to walk smoothly, with your shoulders, neck, and back relaxed.

Ongoing Support

If your primary care physician recommends you see a heart doctor, or if you are concerned about your overall heart health, schedule an appointment with the Suncoast’s leading electrophysiologist. Dr. Dilip Mathew, who specializes in lead extraction and AFib ablation in Sarasota and the Tampa Bay area.