An AFib diagnosis can be a scary prospect. Being diagnosed with this condition means that your heart could develop an abnormal rhythm at any moment and put you at risk for blood clots, heart attack, and other complications.

AFib apps and peripheral devices can quickly and conveniently get you the information you need to help not only you but also your doctor in monitoring your heart health.


AliveCor is a combination of a medical device and a smartphone app. Together they give you a medical-grade EKG anytime and anywhere you go. You place the KardiaMobile device on the back of your smartphone for safekeeping. When it is time to check your heart rhythm, you place it down in front of your phone and then place your fingers on the pads.

AliveCor is also available as an Apple Watch band. The band contains the sensors necessary for the EKG so that you can check your heart rhythm anytime.


Cardiio, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, uses your phone’s camera to look for changes in your heart rhythm. It detects changes in the reflected light to calculate your heart rate.

Cardiio does more than tell you if your heart rhythm is regular. It works as a teaching aid that allows anyone to understand their heart rate trends. The manufacturers warn that this system might not be entirely accurate and should not replace a doctor’s visit, so if you exhibit symptoms of AFib, like feeling lightheaded or short of breath, contact a doctor immediately.


FibriCheck takes AFib monitoring to the next level. Like Cardiio, FibriCheck uses the phone’s camera to get a reading. With this app, you hold your left index finger down on the camera lens. The camera detects color changes in your bloodstream to determine how blood is pumping and calculates your heart rate. Unlike the other apps, FibriCheck sends that data to your doctor.

Currently, this app is only available in Europe, but it shouldn’t be long before that same technology comes to the U.S.


Although Runtastic isn’t designed to be an AFib app, it does provide you with feedback on your heart rhythm. Runtastic offers a series of fitness apps including one for heart rate, which is a useful tool for monitoring your rhythm, especially when you workout.

If you are suffering from AFib, you can use the right smartphone app to learn more about your disease and how to manage it. It’s important to keep in mind that an app can never replace medical attention and care. If you suspect you have AFib and live in or around the Sarasota area, contact Heart Rhythm Consultants, P.A. today.